Build Collaborative Teaching Relationships With ‘Teaching Squares’

Each year in a quest to increase my teaching effectiveness, I consult with various resources to find new ways to connect with students.  Conversations with colleagues and mentors, articles from practice journals, and other blog posts have provided many new techniques to incorporate into my classroom.  One such idea was found in an article published on the Faculty Focus website (which you should follow if you don’t already).

The author describes a process where faculty create ‘teaching squares’ and use interdisciplinary relationships to improve their teaching.  Four faculty members from different disciplines visit each others classrooms within a given time period.  After all observations have been completed, they meet to discuss what they learned and share insights on teaching.  While this exchange may seem scary and an open invitation to criticism, the author insists that these conversations remain judgment free while providing opportunities to share new ideas and techniques.

To read more about this method click here:  Teaching Squares

Image credit: Empty Classroom by Nick CC BY-NC-SA 2.0





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